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Vū Systems offers the only millimeter wave EFVS solutions unaffected by weather.

Inside the Technology

Vū Cube

Vū Systems Visual Advantage enables pilots to see clearly through rain, fog, clouds, smog and sandstorms like no other system before it.

Since 1907, pilots have been flying blind in bad weather, limiting airport access and disrupting schedules. Today, most are taking to the skies using 1947 technology and still flying blind. Vū is introducing new technology ahead of its time.

  • Always see the runway in excess of two nautical miles
  • Flights can now dispatch, takeoff and land in low visibility
  • 100% reliable in heavy clouds, fog, smog, snow and sand storms
  • Passive Millimeter Wave (PMMW) camera generates natural-looking images
  • Integrates with all infrared, thermal imagery and synthetic vision technologies

Visual Comparison

See the differences between first-generation EFVS and the Vū Cube PMMW Camera.

Our Strategic Partners

In 2019, Vū Systems established a strategic alliance to deliver Saab Vū EFVS, the world’s first commercially available passive millimeter wave (PMMW) Enhanced Flight Vision System

The next-generation solution encompasses Vū Cube, blended with visuals from Saab’s Infrared Sensor (IR) and Synthetic Vision System (SVS) to provide an integrated Combined Vision System (CVS). This is shown to pilots in Saab’s Head-Up Display (HUD), delivering a significant visual advantage in low-visibility weather of more than two to four nautical miles.

Saab serves the global market with world-leading products, services, and solutions within military defense, commercial aviation, and civil security. It is unique as an airframe manufacturer that also runs its own avionics company, with a mastery of Head-Up Displays, Synthetic Vision Systems, and aircraft flight deck avionics.

As our key global partner, the combination of Saab’s industrial might and aerospace expertise with Vū Systems’ unique technology opens up new markets. Vū Systems is proud to provide enhanced vision for Saab’s aviation partners, allowing them to maintain their schedule and take off and land when their competitors cannot.

The Saab-Vū EFVS fully complies with US FAA regulations introduced in March 2018 (FAR 91-176) to enable aircraft equipped with qualified sensors, such as PMMW, to be granted permission to take-off and land in zero-visibility conditions. It is the only EFVS sensor to give pilots the qualifying level of sight required, unlocking access to airports in all weathers without the need for conventional CAT II/III infrastructure.

Jan Widerström, head of business unit Avionics Systems at Saab, praised the Vū Cube for its ‘incomparable clarity’ and ‘unmatched technology’ which

“radically reduces costs, increases safety and reduces environmental impact”

to benefit pilots, operators, and society as a whole.

Vū’s Next Generation Vision Technology

Vū’s enhanced flight vision systems (EFVS) are customized to the aircraft platform, allowing for configuration with first generation EFVS equipment and other advanced avionics solutions.

Vū Cube

Our unique passive millimeter wave innovation allows the Vū sensor to measure temperatures and cold sky reflections off of the runway, providing a 100% solution.

Vū Processor

The IPU interfaces between the aircraft, the flight displays and the Vū Cube. It combines Passive Millimeter Wave, infrared, synthetic vision and other sensor images for optimum visual images.

Future Systems

Vū Systems is continuously innovating newer, smaller and lighter designs.