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The future of enhanced vision begins with Vū Systems.

Avionics Innovation

Redefining Visibility

Our new sensor and processor innovations redefine visibility, creating equivalent visual operations.

Vū Systems’ enhanced vision solutions utilize new Passive Millimeter Wave technology, providing pilots with a natural-looking image of the landing environment. By piercing through clouds and fog, this new product allows continuous and uninterrupted operations in a far greater range of weather conditions, enabling flying that is not possible with today’s technology.

The development of the passive millimeter wave sensor is based on the FAA and industry standards for a commercial EFVS system, including the ability to see and provide critical images of the runway and landing area in all visibility conditions.

Visual Comparison

See the differences between first generation EFVS and and the Vū Cube PMMW Camera.

The Breakthrough Formula

Vū Systems allows pilots to “see” their departure, landing, and surface environments, even during extreme low-visibility conditions. This is achieved with the following technological advancements:

The Science of Passive Millimeter Wave (PMMW)

The force of visual obscurants such as rain, fog, snow and sand have no effect on PMMW frequency producing an image, unlike first generation EVS in aircraft today. In addition, our unique passive millimeter wave innovation allows the Vū sensor to measure temperatures and cold sky reflections off of the runway, providing a 100% solution, like no other today.

Vū’s Enhanced Flight Vision Systems (EFVS)

Vū’s EFVS is part of an integrated solution yielding an all-weather capability. Vū’s EFVS integrates with IR and SVS to provide an overall perspective of the airport, terrain and features of the surrounding area to the pilot. The combination is powerful, transcending all other systems with a view to the outside world, day or night, clouds or rain, fog, snow and sand.