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Vū provides unparalleled Equivalent Visual Operations measured in miles, not feet.

The Benefits

A Clear Path Forward

For aircraft operators, the advantages offered by Vū technologies are essential to obtain all benefits available from EFVS operations.

Global Benefits for Aviation of Vū Systems New Product

  • See distances measured in miles, not feet
  • Unique access to 35,000 runways worldwide

Safety Benefits

  • Pilots can see the runway in all conditions
  • Every approach is a stabilized approach because pilots see the runway
  • See at night and in all-weather, terrain, airport and taxi ways

Global Access

  • The International Civil Aviation Organization adopted Operational Benefits of EFVS operations
  • Dispatch and land when competitors cannot

Preserve Airline and Business Schedule Reliability

  • Approach and land in all weather conditions on Non-CATIII runways
  • IFR becomes VFR
  • Reduce ground delays—EFVS operators can dispatch
  • Eliminates Holding
  • Eliminates approach ban–accelerates landing times
  • Regain the use of RNAV and RNP to runways in visibility below minimums
  • Takeoff in low visibility from minimally equipped runways

Clear to Land®

Changing Commercial Aviation

Improving the Traveler Experience

Flight delays and cancellations are the top two concerns of business and leisure travelers, according to a survey from the U.S. Travel Association. The Vū Cube allows airlines to regain control of their schedule.

Vision System Technology

Technology You Can Trust

PMMW technology is reliable in all weather. The science of MMW in clouds and fog is now available for vision systems, creating the first true all-weather flight operations.

Breakthrough ‘Visual Advantage’

Performance You Can Depend On

Passenger and freight airlines are actively seeking technological solutions to improve efficiency, maintain airline schedules and reduce operating costs. Aircraft Manufacturers are always looking for competitive advantages and market differentiators for their aircraft. With Vū Cube, the solution is here.