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Expanding enhanced vision applications for air, land and sea.

Innovative Industry Opportunities

The ability to see at night and in all weather has been a significant challenge for many industries.

Vu’s innovation of advanced passive millimeter wave sensors and processors allow our technology to offer never before seen capabilities to other industries and product lines, including transportation, automation, shipping and more.

The Competition Shares the Night. We Own the Weather.™


Vū’s new breakthrough & proven EFVS system enables airlines and operators to maintain their schedule reliability while significantly reducing their operating costs, allowing business aviation operators for both fixed-wing and helicopters to guarantee arrival to their destination with greater reliability and safety.

Air Traffic & Ground Control

Vū Systems EFVS enables greater situational awareness for air traffic controllers at busy airports that are subject to fog and low clouds. This technology will also be essential for the growing number of remotely controlled air traffic towers.

Maritime & Shipping

Vū Cube demonstration projects in the Artic have shown the ability to avoid ships, ice and see in all conditions. The Vū Cube can aid large shipping vessels to navigate through fog and inclement weather, just as it does for aircraft. Heavy fog in many major ports still has a substantial economic impact on shippers whose docking is slowed or prohibited in periods of inclement weather.

UAVs & Drones

The answer for see and avoid in all-weather operations. One of the most significant challenges facing the aviation industry today is the integration of unmanned aerial vehicles into the airspace used by manned aircraft. A high-quality vision solution could greatly facilitate the integration of unmanned aerial vehicles into the airspace, and particularly at airports. It could also used by other manned civilian aircraft to address the serious issue of sense and avoid in public airspace.


The sensitivity of advanced passive millimeter wave sensor innovations provides great new applications for medical diagnostics, and its ability to differentiate and discriminate differences not apparent to the eye. These areas include burn therapy, cancer treatments and dermatology conditions.