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Letting Technology Lead the Way


Here at Vū Systems, our goal is complete visibility: no matter where you fly.

Our unique passive millimeter-wave (PMMW) technology is designed to give pilots perfect visibility so they are clear to land in adverse weather conditions and instances where natural vision is zero-zero. The Vū Cube is immune to obstructions made by clouds, fog, smog, and smoke, so passengers would be able to rest easily from one point in their journey to the next.

But up until recently, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) hadn’t cleared advancements like Vū Systems’ enhanced flight vision system (EFVS) design. Now, pilots are permitted to use equivalent visual operations (EVO) as a means to pierce through heavy cloud cover and low visibility conditions.

For airlines, this development will keep runways open and eliminate delays due to flight schedule backlogs. Without naturally occurring obstacles like low visibility to impede landings, pilots won’t have to resort to circling the runway, or engaging in blocked ground traffic, until weather conditions become workable again. As a result, aircraft will spend less time in the air burning fuel, bringing down their carbon emissions.

Low visibility weather is currently a multi-billion dollar problem for the aviation industry. Most airlines now see the economic and reputable value in allowing pilots the assistance of EFVS and will continue to watch the way that this technology affects training costs, airport operations, security and much more.

If you are ready to move your commercial airline into the future of safe flight transportation, learn more about how the Vū Systems EFVS technology assists pilots according to these new FAA regulations. Together, we can arrange for smoother journeys all around.