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Vū Systems Partners with Saab to Deliver Revolutionary Enhanced Flight Vision System


NBAA-BACE; Las Vegas, USA; October 22, 2019: Vū Systems has established a strategic alliance with Saab to deliver the world’s first commercially available passive millimeter wave (PMMW) Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS), providing a significant visual advantage to pilots that is measured in miles, rather than feet.

The Saab Vū EFVS enables pilots to take-off and land in zero-visibility environments; achieving Equivalent Visual Operations (EVO) at distances of two miles and more, while improving safety and reducing environmental impact.

The next-generation solution encompasses Vū Systems’ Vū Cube – a patented passive millimeter wave (PMMW) innovation that works in conjunction with an aircraft manufacturer’s Synthetic Vision System (SVS) and Combined Vision System (CVS), such as Saab’s New Generation HUD and EFVS. 

Stedman Stevens, chief executive officer at Vū Systems, says: “Low visibility weather is a multi-billion dollar problem for the aviation industry. At Vū Systems, our PMMW sensor enables superior vision for pilots 100% of the time. When placed side-by-side with infrared (IR) based EFVS, there is no comparison for seeing through zero-visibility conditions.

“This strategic arrangement with Saab means we can supply this revolutionary technology through a qualified supply chain to larger commercial transport aircraft, benefiting passengers, owners and pilots around the world. With the Saab Vū EFVS, airlines will reduce fuel burn and costly delays, allowing them to take off and land when their competitors cannot.”

Jan Widerström, head of business unit Avionics Systems at Saab, adds: “The Saab Vū EFVS is displayed to pilots through our high-performance Head-Up Display, (HUD) combining visuals from PMMW, infrared, synthetic vision and other sensor images to provide incomparable clarity; regardless of thick fog, snow, rain, smog, dust, smoke or heavy clouds.

“This is unmatched technology and we’re excited to work with Vū Systems to provide enhanced vision to our aviation partners.”

The Saab-Vū EFVS fully complies with US FAA regulations introduced in March 2018 (FAR 91-176) to enable aircraft equipped with qualified sensors, such as PMMW, to be granted permission to take-off and land in zero-visibility conditions. It is the only EFVS sensor to give pilots the qualifying level of sight required.

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About Vū Systems:

Vū Systems is an advanced imaging technology company that has developed the world’s first commercially available and patented passive millimeter wave (PMMW) sensor. Vū’s new breakthrough & proven EFVS system, the Vū Cube, enables airlines and operators to maintain their schedule reliability when faced with zero visibility environments, while significantly reducing their operating costs, allowing business aviation operators for both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters to guarantee arrival to their destination with greater reliability and safety. Vū’s innovation of advanced PMMW sensors and processors offer capabilities to other industries and product lines that have never been seen before, including transportation, automation, shipping and more.

About Saab:

Saab serves the global market with world-leading products, services and solutions within military defence and civil security. Saab has operations and employees on all continents. Through innovative, collaborative and practical thinking, Saab constantly develops, adapts and improves new technology to meet the changing requirements of customers.