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Learn more about how Vū Systems can help alleviate the pressure for commercial airlines.

Executive Summary

Vū Systems is bringing to market an innovative solution that, for the first time ever, solves the persistent challenges commercial airlines and business aviation operators face in conditions of low cloud and low visibility.

If weather conditions prevent the pilots from seeing the runway environment, they cannot land the aircraft. The resultant delays cost the U.S. airline industry $9.1 billion per year, and severely diminish the utility of business aircraft. Operators continue to rely on decades-old technology that does not afford the potential for an enhanced level of safety.

Disrupting the Airline Industry

The Vū Cube, by Vū Systems, is a disruptive technology, which is the first product to market that provides a 100% solution to operators’ challenges. The company’s Enhanced Flight Vision System utilizes Passive Millimeter Wave technology, providing pilots with a natural-looking image of the outside environment that pierces through clouds and fog, allowing safer operations in a far greater range of weather conditions that are not possible with today’s technology. The end result is an advanced system with which airlines can maintain their schedule reliability and substantially reduce their operating costs, and business aviation operators can guarantee arrival to their destination with greater reliability and safety.